One With Them Devotional Excerpt

26 Feb

Here is an excerpt from one of Open Doors’ One With Them Devotionals about the Maldives.

“The Body of Christ in Maldives is very weak and hurting. To be a Christian in this paradise country is a living hell. The few believers are scattered and in hiding for fear that they may lose family, friends, property, and rights if the authorities find out that they are followers of Christ. Getting them together runs the risk of discovery by the government. Quite a number of these believers are also racked with drug and alcohol addiction, which is rampant in the Islands.

“For years, missionaries have tried to bring the gospel into this staunchly Islamic nation. But many have been deported, and to work here has become increasingly difficult and risky. Attempts at translating the Bible into the Dhivehi language have been met with enormous spiritual warfare. Many years ago, those engaged in Bible translation died mysterious deaths. The copies of the translated manuscripts were lost. To date, only portions of the New Testament have been translated, yet this work stands on perilous grounds. The Bible says, “If one part of the body suffers, every part suffers with it.” My dear brothers and sisters, we cannot continue living our comfortable Christian lives if we know that members of our family are suffering.”

Lord, how privileged we are to have an abundance of Your Word in our nation, and how often we squander it. I pray that You would call to prayer a multitude of spiritual warriors around the world to battle for the Maldives. I pray that a complete translation of the Bible into the Dhivehi language would be produced and distributed among the people and that they would receive it with joy and thanksgiving to You. I pray that You would, by Your name, break the bondages of addiction and of fear in their land, that they would by Your Spirit receive true freedom in their hearts, their minds, and their bodies. I pray that Your light would shine abroad in their hearts so that they would overcome by Your blood and by the word of their testimony, which You have provided. I pray that You would do war with the spirits hovering over the Maldives as You warred with the great spirit over Babylon in the book of Daniel. I pray that You would step in and claim Your authority over that land and heal it.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

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Posted by on February 26, 2013 in Christianity, Human Rights, Religion


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