VOM Prayer Calendar: March 7-8, 2013

08 Mar
Photo of Voice of the Martyrs' 2013 Prayer Calendar

Photo of Voice of the Martyrs’ 2013 Prayer Calendar


Lord, You are enthroned above the heavens, mighty in power and awesome in splendor. By You all things were made and all things hold together. In You, we live and move and breathe. In You is freedom forever. You bring joy and light and love and laughter. You are the healer and restorer, the redeemer and the everlasting Father. You are the prince of peace and the rider on the white horse, the leader of the angel-armies. Within Your jurisdiction are the events of the world, and in Your care are the innocent prisoners whom only You can judge righteously. Thank You for the early release of Li Ying who has been arrested multiple times in the course of her service to You through journalistic reporting. Please continue to uphold her with Your mighty right hand and bless her efforts as she seeks to tell the truth and do Your will.

Lord, also I ask that You would be our great teacher, that You would equip Your faithful servants in China with knowledge and wisdom that comes directly from You. I pray that You would open doors for them to receive training in the understanding and teaching of Your Word, that You would enrich them yet not allow them to become puffed up. I pray that You would safeguard their educations and the sharing of their lessons. I pray that as they draw closer to You in Your Word that Your Spirit would be their own personal teacher and that You would flow through them and out of them to their congregations.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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