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Martyr Monday: Hope the Cell-Evangelist


The following pictures are scanned pages from the Voice of the Martyrs monthly magazine. Each month they feature real-life stories of today’s martyrs around the world. The newsletter is free to receive. I encourage you to subscribe.

This month’s featured an 80-year-old North Korean woman who came to Christ very late in life…after six suicide attempts. Now, she’s not only a believer but an evangelist with a uniquely modern way of sharing her faith and the Gospel. Please read her story and pray for Hope and the other defectors. Pray for their ministries as they reach back to those still within the clutches of tyranny.

Also, please visit the VOM website and join their Be-A-Voice Network to learn more in depth about those being persecuted for their faith and how you can help them through prayer, written encouragement, and financial support.





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VOM Prayer Calendar: September 2, 2013

North Korea: Pray that North Korean defectors will meet Christian friends. They are often lonely and isolated.

Lord, You set the lonely in families. You hide us in the shadow of Your wings and You surround us with Your love and mercy. You are the one who numbers our days and the hairs on our heads. You place us in specific times and places in the midst of eternity for Your purpose. Lord, lead Your people in North Korea who escape the tyranny of their homeland. Lead them on safe paths through the woods, across the rivers, and into the homes of loving citizens whom You have called to be hospitable to Your suffering servants. Show them where to go to find encouraging people who have Your heart and who love like You love. Guide them with Your gentle voice. Whether they look to the right or to the left, let them hear a voice behind them saying, “This is the way, walk in it.” Don’t let them succumb to the spirit of fear which is of the world, but give them hope and a spirit of love and a sound mind. Give them courage and strength to move towards the goal You have set for them. Meet their needs which I could never know how to pray for. In Jesus’ holy name I pray, Amen.

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VOM Prayer Calendar: September 1, 2013

North Korea: Pray for Jo Chung-Hee and North Korean graduates of the VOM-sponsored Underground                      University.

Father, You are the author of all good things. You are enthroned in the heavens and sovereign over all things, over the political machinations of nations and over the 24-hour life cycle of an individual fly. Nothing escapes Your notice. Lord, I thank You for the blessing of education and for the opportunities You provide for Your children to learn more about You and about the world around us. I pray that You would sustain the graduates of the Underground University. I thank You for their boldness and diligence in seeking and completing these studies. I pray that You would teach them by Your Spirit how to apply their learning in the way that would benefit Your kingdom and glorify Your name. I pray that You would encourage them daily as they risk their lives to not only know You, but to share You with those around them. I pray that You would fill Jo Chung-Hee and his classmates with Your presence, that You would comfort them in their trials and strengthen them. Help them to hold fast to Your teachings and Your love. Let love and faithfulness never leave them. And Father, in Your goodness meet all the needs I they have that I could never think to pray for. In Jesus’ precious name I pray and ask these things, Amen.

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