VOM Prayer Calendar: September 3, 2013

05 Sep

North Korea: Pray for the estimaed 30,000 Chistians imprisoned in harsh concentration camps. They rarely survive 10 years.

Healer of our wounds, You alone know the number of Your people who are chained in these places of torment. You know their names and their histories. You know their families, their conditions, their states of health and states of mentality. You know precisely what each one needs. Lord I pray if their failing that You would reinsert Your hope into their hearts. If their bodies give way, I pray that You would strengthen their feeble knees, straighten their twisted bones, increase their energy and their alertness. Lord if their minds become confused from malnutrition or lack of sleep or from overworking, I pray that You would bring them clarity and bring to their remembrance the promises of Your Word. If they were arrested before getting the opportunity to know much of Your Word, I pray that You would implant its truth directly into their hearts by the power of You Holy Spirit which You have gifted them with. I pray that You Youself would sustain them in the morning hours, through the late nights, and during their harsh work days. I pray that during the winter You would be their warm blanket, during the hot months You would be their cool breeze. I pray that if they are drugged You would make them immune to the effects. If they are tortured, I pray You would guard them against the pain, either by removing it or providing the strength to hold up under it. I pray that You would dafeguard their lives so that they may one day have a chance at freedom. Lord, for anything I don’t know to pray for them, I pray that You would meet even the unspoken needs. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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