VOM Prayer Calendar: September 4, 2013

05 Sep

North Korea: More than 100,000 North Koreans work in other countries. Pray for Christian contact.

Father, You direct our steps just as You know the hairs on our heads. You place us where we are by Your sovereign will. I thank You for the opportunity of these Koreans to leave the oppressive regime of their homeland and have a life outside of its borders. I pray that You would continue to engineer their circumstances by guiding them to meet true believers in Your name who will joyfully share Your love with them. I pray that You would unravel the brainwashing of atheistic teaching they underwent in North Korea and open their minds and hearts to receive the truth with joy and conviction. I pray that You would shine Your light on their hearts and help them to understand who You are and what You have done throughout eternity to bring them into Your family. I pray that they would not only receive You for hemselves but also reach back to whatever family and friends they have remaining in North Korea and help them to come to know You as well. I pray that You would use them to help raise awareness of the true nature of life for Christians and citizens of that country and they would be active in seeing a change there. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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