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VOM Prayer Calendar: September 6, 2013

North Korea: Pray that the life and hope of Christ will spread throughout the labor camps.

Lord Jesus, “Your blood makes the deaf to hear right now. Your blood takes away the curse right now. Your blood heals every disease right now. Your blood sets the addict free right now. Your blood mends the broken heart right now. Your blood compels me to forgive right now. Your blood transforms my mind right now. Your blood brings the dead to life right now. I still believe You’re the same yesterday, today, and forever. I still believe Your blood is sufficient for me. You’re the higher power darkness cannot stand. No longer bound to sin, I am free.”* Lord, let these truths fall on the hearts of Your beloved in North Korean labor camps. Let Your love and faithfulness resound within them, let them see it on the faces of their comrades, in the morning light that rises over the fences and walls. Let them remember Your suffering on the Cross and take comfort in that they have a Savior who is able to sympathize with their sufferings and weaknesses. Grant them peace in their wearied state and let them be a reason for hope to those around them fighting for life. For all the things I don’t understand to pray for, please meet those needs in Your might and wisdom. In Jesus’ unmatched name, Amen.

*Lyrics from Kim Walker-Smith’s song Still Believe from the albumĀ Still Believe,

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