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I'm a married, female, white, millennial, moderate-conservative, white-collar Christian. Now that the demographic stereotypes are out of the way, I started this blog on a whim when my life moved a lot slower and I had a lot to say. I let it go when my life got busy and when I lost my voice. Now I'm just trying to walk out my calling with the Lord, sharing my heart as I go along. I hope it blesses you.

VOM Prayer Calendar: September 6, 2013

North Korea: Pray that the life and hope of Christ will spread throughout the labor camps.

Lord Jesus, “Your blood makes the deaf to hear right now. Your blood takes away the curse right now. Your blood heals every disease right now. Your blood sets the addict free right now. Your blood mends the broken heart right now. Your blood compels me to forgive right now. Your blood transforms my mind right now. Your blood brings the dead to life right now. I still believe You’re the same yesterday, today, and forever. I still believe Your blood is sufficient for me. You’re the higher power darkness cannot stand. No longer bound to sin, I am free.”* Lord, let these truths fall on the hearts of Your beloved in North Korean labor camps. Let Your love and faithfulness resound within them, let them see it on the faces of their comrades, in the morning light that rises over the fences and walls. Let them remember Your suffering on the Cross and take comfort in that they have a Savior who is able to sympathize with their sufferings and weaknesses. Grant them peace in their wearied state and let them be a reason for hope to those around them fighting for life. For all the things I don’t understand to pray for, please meet those needs in Your might and wisdom. In Jesus’ unmatched name, Amen.

*Lyrics from Kim Walker-Smith’s song Still Believe from the album Still Believe,

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VOM Prayer Calendar: September 5, 2013

North Korea: Pray that VOM’s video JESUS: He Lived Among Us will continue to draw many to Christ.

Father I thank You for Your providence. You have opened so many doors of ministry to Your people by new technologies. I thank You for the people who put this film together for Your glory to bring many people into Your family. I pray that You would bless their efforts and their hearts’ goal by producing a harvest of souls from this video. I pray that You would open doors of opportunity for the film to not only come into the country, but also to get into the hands of those who will either be bold enough to share it or curious enough to watch it though they don’t come from a background of faith. I pray that You would touch the hearts of the viewers and bring conviction to their hearts and peace to their souls. I pray that any video that is confiscated would be viewed by the police and that it would affect their hearts for You also. I pray that this video would grant boldness to the viewers and would strengthen their faith in You. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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VOM Prayer Calendar: September 4, 2013

North Korea: More than 100,000 North Koreans work in other countries. Pray for Christian contact.

Father, You direct our steps just as You know the hairs on our heads. You place us where we are by Your sovereign will. I thank You for the opportunity of these Koreans to leave the oppressive regime of their homeland and have a life outside of its borders. I pray that You would continue to engineer their circumstances by guiding them to meet true believers in Your name who will joyfully share Your love with them. I pray that You would unravel the brainwashing of atheistic teaching they underwent in North Korea and open their minds and hearts to receive the truth with joy and conviction. I pray that You would shine Your light on their hearts and help them to understand who You are and what You have done throughout eternity to bring them into Your family. I pray that they would not only receive You for hemselves but also reach back to whatever family and friends they have remaining in North Korea and help them to come to know You as well. I pray that You would use them to help raise awareness of the true nature of life for Christians and citizens of that country and they would be active in seeing a change there. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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VOM Prayer Calendar: September 3, 2013

North Korea: Pray for the estimaed 30,000 Chistians imprisoned in harsh concentration camps. They rarely survive 10 years.

Healer of our wounds, You alone know the number of Your people who are chained in these places of torment. You know their names and their histories. You know their families, their conditions, their states of health and states of mentality. You know precisely what each one needs. Lord I pray if their failing that You would reinsert Your hope into their hearts. If their bodies give way, I pray that You would strengthen their feeble knees, straighten their twisted bones, increase their energy and their alertness. Lord if their minds become confused from malnutrition or lack of sleep or from overworking, I pray that You would bring them clarity and bring to their remembrance the promises of Your Word. If they were arrested before getting the opportunity to know much of Your Word, I pray that You would implant its truth directly into their hearts by the power of You Holy Spirit which You have gifted them with. I pray that You Youself would sustain them in the morning hours, through the late nights, and during their harsh work days. I pray that during the winter You would be their warm blanket, during the hot months You would be their cool breeze. I pray that if they are drugged You would make them immune to the effects. If they are tortured, I pray You would guard them against the pain, either by removing it or providing the strength to hold up under it. I pray that You would dafeguard their lives so that they may one day have a chance at freedom. Lord, for anything I don’t know to pray for them, I pray that You would meet even the unspoken needs. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Martyr Monday: Hope the Cell-Evangelist


The following pictures are scanned pages from the Voice of the Martyrs monthly magazine. Each month they feature real-life stories of today’s martyrs around the world. The newsletter is free to receive. I encourage you to subscribe.

This month’s featured an 80-year-old North Korean woman who came to Christ very late in life…after six suicide attempts. Now, she’s not only a believer but an evangelist with a uniquely modern way of sharing her faith and the Gospel. Please read her story and pray for Hope and the other defectors. Pray for their ministries as they reach back to those still within the clutches of tyranny.

Also, please visit the VOM website and join their Be-A-Voice Network to learn more in depth about those being persecuted for their faith and how you can help them through prayer, written encouragement, and financial support.





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VOM Prayer Calendar: September 2, 2013

North Korea: Pray that North Korean defectors will meet Christian friends. They are often lonely and isolated.

Lord, You set the lonely in families. You hide us in the shadow of Your wings and You surround us with Your love and mercy. You are the one who numbers our days and the hairs on our heads. You place us in specific times and places in the midst of eternity for Your purpose. Lord, lead Your people in North Korea who escape the tyranny of their homeland. Lead them on safe paths through the woods, across the rivers, and into the homes of loving citizens whom You have called to be hospitable to Your suffering servants. Show them where to go to find encouraging people who have Your heart and who love like You love. Guide them with Your gentle voice. Whether they look to the right or to the left, let them hear a voice behind them saying, “This is the way, walk in it.” Don’t let them succumb to the spirit of fear which is of the world, but give them hope and a spirit of love and a sound mind. Give them courage and strength to move towards the goal You have set for them. Meet their needs which I could never know how to pray for. In Jesus’ holy name I pray, Amen.

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VOM Prayer Calendar: September 1, 2013

North Korea: Pray for Jo Chung-Hee and North Korean graduates of the VOM-sponsored Underground                      University.

Father, You are the author of all good things. You are enthroned in the heavens and sovereign over all things, over the political machinations of nations and over the 24-hour life cycle of an individual fly. Nothing escapes Your notice. Lord, I thank You for the blessing of education and for the opportunities You provide for Your children to learn more about You and about the world around us. I pray that You would sustain the graduates of the Underground University. I thank You for their boldness and diligence in seeking and completing these studies. I pray that You would teach them by Your Spirit how to apply their learning in the way that would benefit Your kingdom and glorify Your name. I pray that You would encourage them daily as they risk their lives to not only know You, but to share You with those around them. I pray that You would fill Jo Chung-Hee and his classmates with Your presence, that You would comfort them in their trials and strengthen them. Help them to hold fast to Your teachings and Your love. Let love and faithfulness never leave them. And Father, in Your goodness meet all the needs I they have that I could never think to pray for. In Jesus’ precious name I pray and ask these things, Amen.

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VOM Prayer Calendar: August 30, 2013

Nigeria: Praise God for the revival in Gambo after the martyrdom of nine believers.

Father, I thank You for Your loving care for our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. Thank You for their boldness and willingness to lay down their lives for Your sake. I pray that You would continue to uphold whatever family members they left behind. I pray that You would give them not only the food, shelter, and medicine they need to survive, but also give them hope and joy for the days to come, for a crushed spirit, who can bear? Lord I pray that You would use those revitalized believers and new converts who came to know You deeply following the deaths of nine of Your children to bless the widows and orphans. I thank You for using the tragedy of those nine deaths to breathe new life into the people of Gambo. I pray that it would be a revival that would not end, but rather one that would grow and blossom, bearing fruit of spiritual maturity, additional salvations, and local outreaches to the hurting communities around them. Let them be known by their love for one another and for their love for the lost and hurting in that region. Glorify Yourself in Your people and make Yourself known through them, in them, and to them. Continue to safeguard them in the shadow of Your wings and uphold them with Your mighty right hand. In Jesus’ holy name, Amen.


VOM Prayer Calendar: August 29, 2013

Nigeria: Pray for survivors of a suicide bombing at a Bauchi church that was attacked during worship.

Lord, You are our healer. Only You can bring peace to chaos, both in the physical world and the spiritual. There are so many more effects of such traumatic events than just physical wounds. People are left with emotional and psychological scars. Sometimes we are even left with spiritual damage as unforgiveness creeps in and a desire for vengeance takes hold. Lord, I pray that for those who survived whatever vicious attack took place, You would heal them from all the effects of it. I pray that You would restore function to whatever parts of their bodies were damaged, that You would clear out any infections that settled in, that You would provide ways for them to cope with the memories of that day. I pray that You would relieve them of any nightmares or flashbacks they may still experience, that You would remove any remembered cries or blasts from their ears. I pray that You would open their hearts to forgive the family of their attacker, to forgive the bomber, to pray for the salvations of other members of Boko Haram and other radical Muslims who terrorize them. I pray that You would continue to shine in their hearts as a light brighter than the sun, that all around them may see and know that You are the one true God who is able to not only deliver Your people from their enemies, but also from themselves. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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VOM Prayer Calendar: August 1, 2013

Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Calendar

Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Calendar


Heavenly Father, You open doors that no one can shut and close doors that no one can open. You have called us to share the good news with all the world, to pray for laborers to go into Your fields. Lord, we are ready and willing to do Your will, to be Your servants, but the doors are Yours to open. You have placed this burden on our hearts, and we know that You will be faithful to see us through in our journeys as we walk to fulfilling Your call. Lord I pray that You would not only open doors of entry for Your Word, but also that You would open hearts to receive it. I pray that You would open eyes to see the truth of Your message. I pray that Your Spirit would come upon the people of Mauritania so that they may hear and understand Your truth and be changed by it from the inside out. I pray that You would overshadow them and fill them with Your light. In Jesus’ name, Amen.