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VOM Prayer Calendar: February 7, 2013

Photo of Voice of the Martyrs' 2013 Prayer Calendar

Photo of Voice of the Martyrs’ 2013 Prayer Calendar


Lord, You have opened the doors for the delivery of Your Word to the people who are hungry for it. Whether by balloon or by ocean delivery or by smuggling, You inject Your light into the darkest places and You refresh and encourage Your people with it. I pray that You would do the same work in Bhutan, that You would open up the channels distribution of Bibles and other Christian literatures. I pray that You would provide the proper translations for this people and that there would be no confusion in the reading and understanding of it. I pray that You would provide safety for the people who risk their lives to bring Your Word to the lost and persecuted in Bhutan, and that You would also safeguard the people who receive these Bibles. I pray that You would keep their Bibles safe from confiscation and destruction, that You would hide the owners in the shadow of Your wings and that You Yourself would be their defense and hiding place. May Your love and Your light shine in Bhutan and provoke the salvation of many. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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VOM Prayer Calendar: February 6, 2013

Photo from Voice of the Martyrs' 2013 Prayer Calendar

Photo from Voice of the Martyrs’ 2013 Prayer Calendar


Savior and Redeemer, You gave us two commands on earth: to love You with all that we are and to love others as ourselves. You told Peter that if he loved You, he needed to feed Your sheep. You told Your disciples to go and make other disciples. Through Moses, You told us to pass down Your Word through our descendants. Everything about You requires that we share Your beauty and Your goodness. Yet for millions of people, this simple act of kindness could result in their death or torture or imprisonment. Father, have compassion on them. Give them strength and courage to not only continue to worship You with passion and fervency, to depend on You daily, but also to share Your truth and Your message. Give them boldness and confidence to stand on Your promises and to serve You diligently. Bind up their wounds and heal their scars, Lord. Remind them that where even only two or three are gathered, You are among them. Remind them that You never leave them and will never forsake them. Remind them of the cross and what You suffered for them as a result of Your love. Hold them in Your arms and lift them up so that they will not stumble. Give them vision and passion, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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VOM Prayer Calendar: February 5, 2013

Photo Credit: RiaNovosti

  Photo Credit: RiaNovosti

Today’s request for Belarus is to pray for the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. Lukashenko has been president of Belarus since 1994. The economy of Belarus during that time has been unstable, requiring loans from foreign countries, including China.

In Belarus, the television is state-controlled and the government is viewed as more dictatorial than democratic. The European Union has begun to open dialogues with Lukashenko in an effort to encourage reform.

Lukashenko’s family relationships are also strained. His wife has not lived with him since his election and he has publicly shamed his firstborn son.  I shared these two photos, one happy, one angry, to remind us that there is a duel nature in all of us. Whether we are humble people trying to live righteously or world leaders grasping for power, parents seeking peaceful lives or students seeking knowledge, whether we are the persecuted seeking strength or the persecutors living in suspicion and hatred, we each have the potential for good and evil, for joy and for despair.

The moment we condemn a person based on our limited knowledge of them, we condemn ourselves. Prejudice has never won a person to Christ, and this is the goal of praying for the persecuted church, to see the persecutors saved, not destroyed.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:


Holy Spirit, You search our hearts and You know us completely. You know the past, the present, and the future. You have numbered the hairs on our head and the days of our life. You know this man from the day of his conception. You have ordained that he is in power in Belarus. Holy Father, You only have the power to heal his heart, to transform it and turn it towards You. You know what will humble him and bring him into submission to Your will. I pray today that You would, by whatever means necessary, change his heart and bring him to the freedom that is found in You and to pass on that freedom to the citizens of his nation. I pray that You would open the doors of reconciliation between Lukashenko and other foreign leaders, between him and his wife and sons, between him and his people. I pray that religious freedom and freedom of speech would become important to his heart, not for subversive reasons, but for righteous reasons. I pray that You would put people into his path to plant seeds of love and of light and of truth directly into the soil of his heart, and that they would yield good fruit. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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VOM Prayer Calendar: February 4, 2013

Picture from Voice of the Martyrs' 2013 Prayer Calendar

Picture from Voice of the Martyrs‘ 2013 Prayer Calendar


Author of creation, You in Your wisdom and power created a universe for Your glory and a people for Your family. You made us in Your image and desired communion with us. Since the moment we broke that communion with You, we have been suffering in an increasingly dark world. In Your compassion, You sent light and love back to us by Your Son whom we have often rejected. I pray that our eyes would be opened to Him in our every day lives. I pray that we would live in a full awareness of Him, His glory, His love, and His authority over our lives. I pray that You would open up channels for the distribution of Your Gospel in Belarus and that You would use literature, movies, music, and Bibles to bring many hearts to You. I pray for boldness and safety for their distributors, for success in their missions, and for the effectiveness of the materials in the hearts of the lost. If these truth-bearing materials be confiscated, I pray You would use them to bring the authorities and ransackers to a saving knowledge and love of Your Son. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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VOM Prayer Calendar: February 1-3, 2013

Pictures from Voice of the Martyrs' 2013 Prayer Calendar
Pictures from Voice of the Martyrs’ 2013 Prayer Calendar


Yahweh, Your name is a strong tower and a fortress for all those who call upon it. You safeguard Your people personally, with Your own right hand. Teach us to seek Your face and to call upon Your name, not only for ourselves, but also for our spiritual family, for our brothers and sisters in Christ who do not share our freedom. In democracies, we can raise our voices. We can yell and sing, we can vote and petition, we can rally and legislate. We can seek our own wills here, and win them by popularity. Yet even where Your chosen ones are the majority, they cannot choose the freedom to worship You where their governments repress them. They can save for months to buy literature, music, Bibles, only to have these encouragements stolen away in a moment. They can gather together in Your name only to be beaten, arrested, assaulted, bombed, and taunted.

Lord, where Your Spirit is, there is freedom. Not freedom like the world gives, enforced by laws and social conventions, but true freedom. Freedom to worship in Spirit and in truth. In Your presence there is freedom that cannot be oppressed by humans or by demons. I pray that You would pour out Your Spirit upon all flesh, upon the persecuted and the persecutors. I pray that You would flood Belarus with the glory of Your name and with Your angel armies. I pray that You would tear down the strongholds in the nation still reigning after generations. I pray that You would end the streams of abuses against the helpless ones, that Your love would so shine in that nation that it would be an example to the world of how wonderful You are. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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I’d like to apologize to you, my followers and fellows in prayer. This last week I have been feeling both under the weather and lazy. I’m sorry for missing the last few days and hope to regain consistency with this blog starting today and throughout the year. May God bless you and continue to move your hearts with compassion for the persecuted church.

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VOM Prayer Calendar: January 29, 2013

Picture of Voice of the Martyrs' Prayer Calendar

Picture of Voice of the Martyrs’ Prayer Calendar

Lord, Your Word promises that when our ways are pleasing to You, even our enemies will live at peace with us. Your Word also commands us to live at peace with others, as far as it is possible. You say that those who make peace will be blessed with bearing the title of Your children. Lord, there is much unrest in the world today, more than even we know. I pray for the Bengali Christians today, that You would make peace abound on all sides and that You would remove the tensions between the Christians and those of other religions. You say that faith is a gift from You, that none seek after You, that we are incapable of declaring Your lordship without the inspiration of Your Spirit. So I pray that You would impart the gift of Your Spirit to the lost of Bangladesh, that their hearts might be turned to seek after You, that they may declare as Peter did, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” I pray that You soften their hearts towards You, that their hearts would also be softened towards Your people, and that the believers’ good works would so shine before their neighbors and their persecutors that men would desire to possess that light–Your light. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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