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Martyr Monday: Hope the Cell-Evangelist


The following pictures are scanned pages from the Voice of the Martyrs monthly magazine. Each month they feature real-life stories of today’s martyrs around the world. The newsletter is free to receive. I encourage you to subscribe.

This month’s featured an 80-year-old North Korean woman who came to Christ very late in life…after six suicide attempts. Now, she’s not only a believer but an evangelist with a uniquely modern way of sharing her faith and the Gospel. Please read her story and pray for Hope and the other defectors. Pray for their ministries as they reach back to those still within the clutches of tyranny.

Also, please visit the VOM website and join their Be-A-Voice Network to learn more in depth about those being persecuted for their faith and how you can help them through prayer, written encouragement, and financial support.





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Increased persecution of Christians back on the agenda in Parliament

God and Politics in the UK

On Wednesday a large number of MPs met to discuss the persecution of Christians around the world and what the Government’s response through the Foreign Office should be.  The debate was secured and organised by Naomi Long MP, with a great deal of support from Open Doors.  Nearly two thousand of their supporters contacted their MP asking them to attend, which undoubtedly made a difference.  She also acknowledged the help of Christian Solidarity Worldwide and His Grace, Bishop Angaelos of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the UK

Mrs Long highlighted the increased persecution of Christians in countries in Africa not previously associated with persecution and underlined that “the Arab spring has had disastrous consequences for religious freedom and has promoted a major exodus of Christians from the Middle East.” She called on the Government to explain how they were responding to these challenges, and stated that “the right to have a faith…

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